Career Outlook For Psychologists

If you enjoy thinking about why people do the things they do, you might be interested in a career in psychology, the science of behavior. Although the field is rooted in the scientific method, it also requires creative thinking and general flexibility. The work can vary from day to day, and it generally incorporates new and ongoing research as well as technological breakthroughs. Here’s an overview of the current career outlook for psychologists.
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What Can I Do With A Psychology Degree?

A degree in psychology is one of the most versatile degrees you can obtain. Unlike some other degrees, a psychology degree does not force you onto a narrow career path. Psychology majors have numerous and varied options when it comes time to … [Continue reading]

10 Most Bizarre Branches of Parapsychology

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Top 10 Online Child Psychology Degree Programs

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10 Awesome TED Talks About Psychology and the Mind

The human mind is always on the minds of those at TED Talks around the country, and there are some particularly fascinating discussions of its functions and its potential. From using the brain in a supercomputer to determining why some people are … [Continue reading]

The Top 10 Online Masters in Psychology Degree Programs

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The 10 Best Associates in Psychology Degree Programs

An associates degree in psychology commonly takes two years to finish. People who get these degrees usually plan to go on to a bachelor’s in psychology or work as psychiatric technicians in mental rehabilitation facilities. These associates degree … [Continue reading]

The 10 Best Bachelors in Psychology Degree Programs

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10 Great iPad and iPhone Apps For Psychologists

Virtually every profession has been transformed in some way by the rapid and wide proliferation of smartphone and tablet devices. Psychology is no exception to this rule, as the profession has seen a large chunk of its most useful information … [Continue reading]

Cognitive Psychology Resource Guide

This resource guide is provided as a comprehensive list of sources and items of interest for students, practitioners and members of the general public who seek to learn more about the discipline of Cognitive Psychology and its sub-domains, as well as … [Continue reading]