Cognitive Psychology Resource Guide

This resource guide is provided as a comprehensive list of sources and items of interest for students, practitioners and members of the general public who seek to learn more about the discipline of Cognitive Psychology and its sub-domains, as well as individuals interested in learning more about the topic. The resource guide is divided into broad categories, and each resource is annotated with a brief description. This resource guide also contains links to various professional associations, databases and journals to assist with research and applied practice in the area of Cognitive Psychology.

Included also are Cognitive Psychology educational resources, tests and tutorials that provide a more thorough understanding of the area of study. These educational resources are designed for both students and instructors to enhance learning and facilitate the dissemination of knowledge. Social media accounts of prominent names in the field are listed to keep updated with new developments in the discipline. The resource guide is designed to be useful for those who which to learn more about the history and origins of Cognitive Psychology, as well as work and trends in applied practice.

General Resources

  • Questia – Questia is a renown online research site providing references and resources for the study of Cognitive Psychology. The site presents an excellent overview of the discipline.
  • – Cognitive Psychology – Dictionary and thesaurus for the discipline of Cognitive Psychology. Terms are defined and basics are presented.
  • ScholarPedia – Cognitive Psychology – This site explains the history and assumptions of the study of Cognitive Psychology. Applied Cognitive Psychology and sub-domains are also explored, along with the current state of study within the discipline.
  • Science Daily – Cognitive Psychology – News, articles, video and references may be found on the Science Daily site within the Cognitive Psychology section. The site attempts to keep readers up to date with the latest news and trends in research and popular topics.
  • Simply Psychology – Simply Psychology provides a primer for understanding the basics of Cognitive Psychology. The site presents a brief history of the study and explains how theories of cognitive psychology have developed over the years.
  • The IQ Test – The IQ Test proposes be the most valid, scientifically-based IQ test available on the web. Based on the theories of Alfred Binet and constructed by PhDs in Cognitive Psychology, the test is self-administered and free.
  • The Whole Brain Atlas – This site is hosted by Harvard Medical School and provides a comprehensive map of the human brain. The site covers mapping of the normal brain, as well as mapping of brains affected by stroke, degenerative disease, inflammatory disease, and other afflictions.


  • Ashbourne College’s Cognitive Psychology Blog – Diverse blog hosted by Ashborne College that covers a wide variety of topics in the area of Cognitive Psychology. Informative, timely and fun.
  • Beck Institute Blog – Formerly, this blog was entitled Cognitive Behavior Therapy News, but has recently been renamed to the Beck Institute Blog. The blog is maintained by the staff at the Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavior Therapy and includes post on a wide variety of topics of interest in applied CBT.
  • CogSci Librarian – The CogSci Librarian blog is a blog dedicated to the intersection of Cognitive Science and Library Science.
  • Dr. Deb – Dr. Deborah Serani blogs about news and issues of the day. This blog is interesting, relevant and most posts are brief enough to devour in just a few minutes.
  • PsyBlog – The PsyBlog is hosted in the U.K. and is primarily targeted to the general public to answer questions about psychologies studies for everyday life.
  • PsyCentral – The World of Psychology – Interesting and well-written blog posts on a variety of topics, including Cognitive Psychology. Blog post authors are vast and varied, and all are professionals in different practice areas in psychology.
  • Psychological Musings – Blog about the practice and theories defining Cognitive Psychology.


  • American Psychological Association – The APA is the largest and most renown professional organization for those who study and research in all areas of psychology.
  • American Psychological Society – Association dedicated to the study of scientific psychology.
  • Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence – The association publishes a variety of journals, workshop papers and magazines. The association also hosts a series of annual conferences. The AAAI site provides a wealth of information on the topic of artificial intelligence in the library and archives.
  • Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies – This association’s website provides information for practitioners and the general public with regards to applied topics in behavioral and cognitive therapy. The association serves mainly practitioners and those interested in applied therapy.

Cognitive Psychology Databases and Journals

  • APA PsyNET – APA PsyNET is a database created and hosted by the American Psychological Association. Membership to the database is provided with a subscription to any of the APA publications or journals. In addition, the PsyNET site sells various levels of membership online. Search articles and books and then purchase the publications online. An interesting feature of the database is that PsyNET will sell single articles from journals, as well as specific chapters within books in lieu of the entire book or journal.
  • Mental Help Net – Mental Help Net is a database of mental health information and wellness resources for individuals and professional cognitive practitioners. This resource is more than a database. Find blogs, videos, podcasts and essays, as well as self-assessment tools and news on the site.
  • PsycLine – PsycLine is a database of online journals of psychology and the social sciences. Locate specific articles or entire journals using this comprehensive database. The database allows the user to perform refined searches from the home page to locate the resource they need.
  • Psychology Dictionary and Glossary for Students – Hosted by in Hong Kong, this comprehensive psychology dictionary and glossary is an excellent resource for students.
  • Psychological Research on the Net – Published by Hanover College, this database is updated regularly and lists current studies in cognition and behavioral psychology.

Educational Resources

  • Cogent – Cogent is a free web application that is available for cognitive mapping and modeling. The Cogent site provides the downloadable application, documentation and tutorials to train individuals to use the modeling system. The application may be utilized to generate cognitive maps and schema.
  • CogWeb – CogWeb is hosted by UCLA and provides a resource for cognitive cultural studies.
  • Cognitive Styles – Cognitive Styles is an educational resource containing materials about the eight defined cognitive styles. A personality test based on Myers-Briggs assessment is available within the web application.
  • Encyclopedia of Psychology – The Encyclopedia offers an index of websites related to various areas of study of Psychology.
  • Films for the Humanities and Sciences – Cognitive Psychology – The Films for the Humanities and Sciences service offers on-demand videos and films on DVD and via streaming media. Purchase titles via DVD and/or streaming subscription from the site. Subscriptions are active for three years. Films are often utilized as classroom teaching tools.
  • Free Video Lectures – Free Video Lectures offers free videos of actual classroom lectures from various professors teaching courses in Cognitive Psychology.
  • Instructional Design – Instructional Design is a site devoted to the application of cognitive learning theories into educational resources.
  • InterTOP Online Cognitive Psychology Course Materials, Video and Audio Resources – InterTOP provides an online clearinghouse for teaching materials and multimedia resources in the area of Cognitive Psychology. Free articles, videos and multimedia resources are available to those who teach in areas of Cognitive Psychology.
  • Learning Theories: Cognitivism – Learning Theories provides summaries and definitions of Cognitive Psychology. The site also provides a knowledge base of resources for the field.
  • Mental Imagery – Mental Imagery is hosted by Stanford University Department of Philosopy. This site expands on theories of visualization, or the quasi-perceptual experience of “seeing with the mind’s eye.” Includes a wealth of resources in the bibliography.
  • PsyPress: Cognitive Psychology – PsyPress is a publisher of psychology textbooks and publications. The Cognitive Psychology area lists the newest titles and provides a clearinghouse for published materials in Cognitive Psychology.
  • Simons Lab – Simons Lab is the Visual Cognition Laboratory at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. Discover the type of research that is conducted at the lab, meet the staff members and learn more about the study of visual cognition research.
  • TES Cognitive Psychology Resource Page – A network of introductory resources for students to learn more about the cognitive approach to Psychology. TES publishes TES magazine, which is available in online version from the site. TES also hosts a repository of teaching resources for instructors in the area of Cognitive Psychology.
  • The Memory Exhibition – The Exploratorium hosts The Memory Exhibition which includes memory games and assessments. The site also hosts an archive of articles, online exhibits and lectures.
  • The Mind Project – The Mind Project is resources for teachers and students of Cognitive Psychology. The site allows users to create an account an access resources, such as articles, teaching materials and research projects and proposals involving the mind and brain.
  • MITCogNet – This site is a comprehensive resourced published by MIT that provides reference works representing the theoretical and methodological diversity of cognitive psychology.

Cognitive Psychology Societies, Conferences, and Professional Organizations

  • Cognitive Neuroscience Society – This professional society is devoted to research of the human mind that investigates computational, psychological and neuroscientific bases of cognition and perception. A relatively new society founded in 1994, this organization boasts of 1000 members worldwide.
  • Cognitive Psychology – Cognitive Psychology is one of the most popular peer-reviewed journals in the field of Cognitive Psychology. Research topics include the study of language processing, perception, problem solving, thinking and memory. Elsevier publishes the journal and offers subscriptions from the website.
  • Cognitive Science Society – The Cognitive Science Society publishes the journal, Cognitive Science, which covers topics in various areas of Cognitive Psychology. The Society hosts an annual conference. The 2012 conference was held in Sapporo, Japan.
  • Federation of Associations in Brain and Behavioral Sciences – FABBS is a coalition of professional scientific psychological societies with research interest in the mind, behavior and brain. Focus is on applied research for policy making and public consumption.
  • The National Association of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapists – Professional association for practitioners working in areas of Cognitive and Behavioral therapy. The site is research-based and provides education and continuing education opportunities to practicing Cognitive and Behavioral psychologists.

Patient and Parent Resources

  • The Balanced Mind Foundation – The Balanced Mood Foundation is dedicated to families dealing with children affected by mood disorders. The site provides resources and peer support to individuals and families.
  • PsyPORT – PsyPORT is a news feed that provides updates with regards to psychology topics in the news. The site is compiled and hosted by the American Psychological Association. Stay up to date with the latest happenings in the practical areas of Cognitive Psychology.

Social media accounts to follow

  • Art Markman – @abmarkman – Cognitive Scientist – University of Texas at Austin
  • Cedar Riener – @criener – Professor and Cognitive Psychologist -Randolph-Macon College
  • Christopher H. Ramey – @meyourprofessor – Professor and Cognitive Psychologist at University of Kansas
  • Daniel Simons – @profsimons – Cognitive Psychology professor at University of Illinois
  • John Caccioppo – @J_Cacioppo – Professor, Director of Center for Cognitive and Social Neuroscience, University of Chicago
  • Michael Dawson – @mrwdawson – Psychology professor and cognitive scientist – University of Alberta
  • New Psychologist – @newpsychologist – News about research in the area of Cognitive Psychology
  • Rob Potter – @theaudioprof – Cognitive Science and Mass Communications professor at Indiana University
  • Steven Pinker – @sapinker – Cognitive psychology professor and cognitive scientist – Harvard
  • Study Blue – @studyblue – Utilizing principles of Cognitive Psychology to help students learn more effectively
  • Therapy Elements – @therapyelements – Applied Cognitive Psychology in action


  • Choice Between Gambles Study – Online study by California State University at Fullerton. The study offers a chance to win one of three $100 prize certificates for completing the assessment.
  • Illusions Gallery -The Illusions Gallery is hosted by UMass Lowell and provides a central location for perceptual illusion images that are often utilized in Cognitive Psychology courses.