Career Outlook For Psychologists

If you enjoy thinking about why people do the things they do, you might be interested in a career in psychology, the science of behavior. Although the field is rooted in the scientific method, it also requires creative thinking and general flexibility. The work can vary from day to day, and it generally incorporates new and ongoing research as well as technological breakthroughs. Here’s an overview of the current career outlook for psychologists.
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What Can I Do With A Psychology Degree?

A degree in psychology is one of the most versatile degrees you can obtain. Unlike some other degrees, a psychology degree does not force you onto a narrow career path. Psychology majors have numerous and varied options when it comes time to graduate, though the set of skills they have cultivated while studying the field makes certain careers more suitable.

Overall, job prospects in the area of psychology are predicted to grow 12 percent by 2018, which is the average rate for all fields. Schools, hospitals, social service agencies, mental health centers, substance abuse treatment clinics and private companies are expected to be the locations with the most need for psychology-trained personnel. The greatest growth, however, will occur for jobs that require a doctoral degree such as a Ph.D. or a Psy.D.
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10 Most Bizarre Branches of Parapsychology


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Parapsychology is a remarkably broad discipline, and it is difficult to study when the area itself deals with the unknown potential of the human mind. At this time, there is no definitive way to prove phenomena like telepathy or telekinesis, and observation by no means provides unambiguous proof. Here, we will examine 10 of the most prominent branches of parapsychology. The very nature of so-called psi phenomena is such that they cover the unknown, and it is only by critical dissection that we can get to the truth.
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Top 10 Online Child Psychology Degree Programs

A bachelor’s degree in psychology with an emphasis on child psychology opens up exciting career prospects. Our selection of the top 10 online child psychology degree programs takes into account school rankings, tuition, reputation and unique features. One important consideration is how the school accommodates adult students who may have special demands in terms of accelerated courses and flexible class hours.

Recommended Child Psychology Programs

  1. Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Psychology – Preschool Child Development – Walden University
  2. Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Psychology – Child and Adolescent Development – Walden University

9. Robert Morris University

Robert Morris University is an accredited institution offering a bachelor’s level online psychology degree program. Tuition costs for online students are $650 per credit. U.S. News and World Report ranks Robert Morris University as among the top 100 schools to obtain a psychology degree online. Among some of the school’s unique features include virtual learning environments that focus on particular relevant skills and knowledge required in this field. RMU offers a wide range of online resources to help the student with research, writing and other areas of study.

8. Kaplan University

Kaplan University is a well-known alternative educational institution that offers students with the opportunity of earning a child psychology degree online. The school offers not only bachelor’s level programs, but also master’s degrees in psychology. U.S. News and World Report does not rank Kaplan University, but the school rates well on many websites that allow current and past students to submit ratings. Kaplan has an arrangement with the University of Alabama in which the latter provides additional online library resources. The University of Alabama ranks 22nd in student services and technology for online programs, according to U.S. News and World Report. Tuition at Kaplan University is $371 per credit hour for the online bachelor’s in psychology degree.

7. Drexel University

Drexel University ranks 83rd in the U.S. News and World Report national university rankings. The school offers online bachelor’s degree programs in psychology and ranks 146th for its psychology program and 125th for its clinical psychology program. The university charges $650 tuition per credit for students working toward a bachelor’s of psychology degree. One of the school’s special features is a a 24/7 live tech support hotline in which students can access their online instructors. The school focuses on training students for real-life situations and on training that prepares them to compete in today’s job market.

6. Penn State University

Penn State is a nationally recognized traditional university that also offers excellent online degree programs in psychology. The school currently allows students to earn a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology through their online programs. Students will pay $495 per credit tuition for the online psychology degree program. The school has excellent instructors and a vaunted reputation. U.S. News and World Report ranks the school 46th among national universities and 29th for its psychology program. The school ranks first for its online admissions selectivity program and faculty credentials and training.

5. Arizona State University

U.S. News and World Report ranks Arizona State University 2nd among up and coming schools. The university charges $425 per credit or a yearly tuition of $10,200 for its online psychology degree program. The school ranks first for online student services and technology, which includes a 24/7 live support hotline. U.S. News and World Report ranks Arizona State University 37th for online faculty credentials and training. The psychology program ranks 51st nationwide.

4. Walden University

Walden University is a well-regarded online school offering both bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in psychology. The school charges $465 per credit as tuition for the online psychology program. Walden ranks 14th for online education database, according to U.S. News and World Report. Walden University offers a online bachelor’s program with 10 areas of specialization and a master’s degree in psychology with 12 areas of concentration. Students have access to a 24-hour hotline in which they can expect quick responses from instructors. Founded in 1970, Walden University specializes in providing excellent student resources including the MobileLearn application that lets students download audio recordings and podcasts for playback on mobile devices and MP3 players. Students can also download course materials to their laptop or desktop computer.

3. Post University

Established in 1890, Post University continues to offer students with excellent educational opportunities. The Online Accelerated Degree Program is a great feature available that allows students to complete an undergraduate or graduate degree with great convenience in terms of scheduling. The interactive courses feature professional instructors with good reputations in their fields of expertise. Post University charges students $525 per credit hour in tuition. The school allows students to transfer up to 90 credits from other accredited schools. Students can also avail of online tutoring that is included in the tuition fee.

2. Franklin University

Franklin University charges on $375 per credit hour for its online psychology degree program. A private, non-profit educational institute, Franklin University first opened in 1902 and it has earned a reputation for catering to adult students. The school offers students with the option of taking accelerated courses and they can choose to complete a class in as little as three weeks. Alternatively, courses can extend up to 15 weeks in length. Franklin University allows transfer of credits from other accredited schools and more than 90 percent of its students have transferred credits. The school operates on the trimester system.

1. University of Phoenix

The University of Phoenix offers an online Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree in addition to master’s and doctoral programs. The university specializes in online education and it has earned a deserved reputation for accommodating adult, working students. The psychology programs undergo continuous updating to ensure that the curriculum matches the latest developments in the field. U.S. News and World Report ranks the school at 34th for online bachelor’s faculty credentials and training. In terms of student engagement and assessment, it ranks 5th overall. The University of Phoenix works with corporations to create programs that will meet the demands of the current and future workforce. The online bachelor’s program in psychology costs $585 per credit in tuition together with a $95 electronic materials fee per course. The school features a 24-hour live technical support service and a live online chat service. Students can also request help through email. The University of Phoenix is very helpful in assisting students with financial aid and in helping veterans or active duty military who utilize military educational benefits. Class scheduling is highly flexible and the school offers a wide range of mobile learning apps. Class size averages at 15 students.

10 Awesome TED Talks About Psychology and the Mind

The human mind is always on the minds of those at TED Talks around the country, and there are some particularly fascinating discussions of its functions and its potential. From using the brain in a supercomputer to determining why some people are good Samaritans and others are monsters, TED Talks panelists have some very interesting ideas about what it means to be human, how the mind works, and why it functions the way that it does. There are ten talks, in particular, that will change the way most people think about the human mind.
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The Top 10 Online Masters in Psychology Degree Programs

Obtaining a master’s degree in psychology from a top online psychology program opens a lot of opportunities in the employment world. All these master’s programs provide excellent education and competitive tuition rates. In addition, students have high satisfaction levels when it comes to instructors, technology and support.

Earning a masters of psychology online can be daunting. This is why students have to exert the same level of effort as those who attend on-campus programs. Choosing a good school is the first step to reaching one’s goals and officially becoming a master’s in psychology degree holder. Graduates with these degrees may work in schools and other educational settings.


Recommended Master’s in Psychology Programs

  1. MS – General Psychology – Capella University
  2. M.S. in Psychology – Grand Canyon University
  3. M.S. in Psychology – General Psychology – Walden University

Ranking the Top 10 Best Online Masters in Psychology Programs

The following are the top ten schools known for their high quality of online psychology graduate education. They are the best options for students who want to work and study at the same time.

10. Northcentral University

Program Overview: Northcentral University does not require residency for masters in psychology students. The areas of specialization offered include general psychology, health psychology and industrial-organizational psychology.

Tuition Cost: The university charges students $675 base per credit or $2,025 per three-credit course.

Unique Features: The pricing offered at Northcentral University is all-inclusive. The school provides a number of online resources for students. It also has accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission and 100 percent doctoral faculty.

9. University of Phoenix

Program Overview: The University of Phoenix offers a master’s of science in psychology that focuses on general psychology. Students learn about human behavior, emotions and through processes.

Tuition Cost: University of Phoenix students pay $740 per credit along with a $115 electronic materials fee per course and a $115 one-time application fee. The total program cost ranges from $19,285 to $29,425.

Unique Features: Students at University of Phoenix can be sure of completing the degree on time. The school also offers round the clock support for all online students.

8. University of the Rockies

Program Overview: The University of the Rockies has accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission. It offers master’s and Ph.D. programs in social and behavioral science.

Tuition Cost: The university charges $726 per credit hour for its master’s of psychology students. The program requires 39 units to complete.

Unique Features: The university offers many areas of concentration in psychology. These cover real-world applications like criminal justice, education, business, organization, sports and mental health.

7. Sacred Heart University

Program Overview: The 2010 edition of America’s Best Colleges recognized Sacred Heart University as among the top 30 master’s level colleges in the North. In addition, it has accreditation from the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. Areas of specialization include industrial-organizational psychology, community psychology and a general track.

Tuition Cost: Students pay $725 per credit hour.

Unique Features: The MS psychology programs at SHU have 100 percent online curriculum. Professors are all licensed psychologists.

6. Grand Canyon University

Program Overview: Grand Canyon University offers the master’s of science in psychology with concentrations in industrial and organizational psychology. There are nine courses to take in order to complete the program.

Tuition Cost: The masters in psychology program at Grand Canyon requires 36 credits to complete at $495 per credit.

Unique Features: The university offers its students a number of financial grants.

4. Kaplan University

Program Overview: Kaplan University has accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission and a National Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Its master’s of science in psychology online program is designed to provide students with a rich and exciting academic experience.

Tuition Cost: Students at Kaplan pay $368 for each credit. The program required 65 credits to complete. This means students have to pay a total of $23,920.00.

Unique Features: People who choose to study at Kaplan have three areas of specializations to choose from. This includes general psychology, applied behavioral analysis and addictions. Students have options to either complete the program with a thesis or pass a comprehensive exam.

3. California Southern University

Program Overview: The master of science in psychology online program at California Southern University offers a comprehensive foundation for its students. This is a great option for students who are already working in mental health facilities. The program takes two years to complete.

Tuition Cost: California Southern University offers attractively low tuition costs at $330 per credit. Students need to complete 43 units. This means they have to pay $14,190 total for the degree.

Unique Features: California Southern University’s MS in psychology programs prepare students for the California licensure exam for clinical psychologists. Meanwhile, out-of-state students may also take advantage of the transition programs from the MS to CalSouthern’s doctoral program.

2. Capella University

Program Overview: Capella University holds accreditation from The Higher Learning Commission. The university offers 12 areas of specialization for those who want to enroll in its masters of psychology program. There are no residency requirements at Capella.

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MS in Applied Behavior Analysis – Specializations: Autims Spectrum Disorder, Behavior Analysis in Education, Organizational Behavior Management

MS in Clinical Psychology  – Specializations: Applie Research, Clinical Counseling, Forensic Psychology

MS in Psychology – Specializations: General Psychology, Child and Adolescent Development, Educational Psychology, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Sport Psychology

MS in School Psychology.

1. Walden University

Program Overview: Walden University holds accreditation from The Higher Learning Commission. It is also a member of The North Central American Association. The university has over 40 years of experience in providing quality education for students with over 55,000 alumni. Their online master’s of psychology program is among the most sough-after for students who are looking for a wide selection of specialties.

Tuition Cost: For the school year 2012-2013, master’s of psychology students have to pay $445 per quarter credit hour and $10 for the technology fee per quarter. They have to complete 56 total quarter credit hours for the degree.

Unique Features: The most attractive feature that Walden University offers master’s of psychology students is its online learning flexibility. Students can use the MobileLearn that allows them to choose where, when and how they want to learn. This feature is exclusive for Walden online students. The university also offers 14 areas of specialization, a wide range, unlike many other online master’s in psychology programs that have limited areas of specialization. Thus, a Walden University education is an excellent choice for people who want unique, rewarding careers.

The 10 Best Associates in Psychology Degree Programs

An associates degree in psychology commonly takes two years to finish. People who get these degrees usually plan to go on to a bachelor’s in psychology or work as psychiatric technicians in mental rehabilitation facilities.

These associates degree programs are offered at different community colleges and universities throughout the country. These schools have their own particular features, tuition fees and course outlines. The following are the top 10 associates degree programs offered at universities and colleges. The rankings are based on their program overviews and tuition fees.
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The 10 Best Bachelors in Psychology Degree Programs

Psychology is a common college degree that is useful in many careers. Because it is so popular there are a lot of options to choose from. With so many choices available, many people find it difficult to figure out which programs are the best.

What Makes a Program the Best

There is no one aspect of a degree program that makes it better than another. Instead, a combination of factors are used to decide which programs are worthy of ranking highest. Reputation and rank as well as the unique attributes of each program are considered.


Recommended Bachelors in Psychology Programs

  1. Capella University BA in Psychology
  2. Walden University B.S. in Psychology

The program ranks used here are from the Princeton Review’s Gourman Report. University ranks are also included where available but may be different than program ranks. Tuition costs are considered but it is important for people to be aware that the sticker price at many schools is often not what students actually end up paying.

Some of the best psychology programs in the country by rank confer a Bachelors of Arts rather than a Bachelors of Science. Stanford University, for example, which has ranked #1 in the field for the last 50 years, has only a B.A. option at the undergraduate level. While the merits of a B.A. versus a B.S. continue to be debated it is probably fair to say that school rank should be considered more important.
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10 Great iPad and iPhone Apps For Psychologists

Virtually every profession has been transformed in some way by the rapid and wide proliferation of smartphone and tablet devices. Psychology is no exception to this rule, as the profession has seen a large chunk of its most useful information digitized in the form of a mobile application. From models of the brain to crucial diagnosis information, psychology-related apps are on the rise. These applications are making the profession much more accessible to younger psychology graduates, and they’re helping current students enhance their skill set and bring a fresh perspective to their career. Among all of the applications currently available, there are ten that particularly stand out. (Clicking on the app name will take you to iTunes)
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Cognitive Psychology Resource Guide

This resource guide is provided as a comprehensive list of sources and items of interest for students, practitioners and members of the general public who seek to learn more about the discipline of Cognitive Psychology and its sub-domains, as well as individuals interested in learning more about the topic. The resource guide is divided into broad categories, and each resource is annotated with a brief description. This resource guide also contains links to various professional associations, databases and journals to assist with research and applied practice in the area of Cognitive Psychology.

Included also are Cognitive Psychology educational resources, tests and tutorials that provide a more thorough understanding of the area of study. These educational resources are designed for both students and instructors to enhance learning and facilitate the dissemination of knowledge. Social media accounts of prominent names in the field are listed to keep updated with new developments in the discipline. The resource guide is designed to be useful for those who which to learn more about the history and origins of Cognitive Psychology, as well as work and trends in applied practice.
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